Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A day of decompressing

I spent my "Sunday" or Monday enjoying the slower paced life.  I woke up and spent some time with Buckeye then I grabbed a couple of my discs and rode out to Griggs disc golf course.  I played fairly well, but missed a lot of the pins by only a foot or less.
After such a hectic week it was nice to just get back out in nature and enjoy hearing the birds chirp and sit and relax.
After I finished playing I was craving some Chinese food. Luckily there was a place called Eastern Bay just down the street so I hurried down to catch the last 40 minutes of the lunch buffet.  Best crab rangoon I have ever had.
I rode back up to Griggs park and I couldn't help but get a picture of my bike in front of the dam there.  The reservoir has a 15 mph road that runs right along the side.  It was a sweet two and a half mile ride just putting along.  TOTALLY doing that again soon.  Plenty of places to stop and fish or relax next to the water.
My final leg of the ride was all the way up to 270 and 315 and then I rode Olentangy all the way back down south.  It is a great road to ride until you hit Broadway.  Then you start getting into all the lights, but the far northern part of the road is pretty much a straight away with very few stops.  Nice and winding... beautiful.

The weather today was equally as chilly and beautiful with plenty of sun.  I rode up to a KOI auto parts dealer and picked up some new spark plugs.  I noticed last week that I didn't have any spares on me.

Rain will return for early tomorrow.  It looks pretty light, but our temperatures will not dip too much with this weak cold front.  The cold front later this week is slowing down and we very well could be staying dry until at least Sunday.  So a pretty dry spell of fall days ahead of us.  Enjoy and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. It looks like a wonderful weekend. It's gorgeous down here in Cincy today. I'm just back from lunch with a friend in Hyde Park. Wow, what a beautiful day!


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