Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Shift in Sandy's Path and our Snow

Let's first start off with winds... Our MAIN story for Ohio will be the winds associated with Sandy's inland track.  We will see our winds max early Tuesday with sustained winds 30-40+ mph.  Gusts could be as high as 50+ so this storm will pack quite a punch Monday night into Tuesday with the winds.  A lot of people are asking if this will be like Ike and the answer is "No."  This system is a well developed system and Ike came on shore pretty quietly and the upper level winds are what sank down and blasted us in 2008.  The East Coast will be hit much harder than Ohio, but we will still be dealing with power outage causing winds.  Those winds will also be driving in colder air... air cold enough for a little snow.
Sandy has pushed slightly further to the west meaning that so did our expected snowfall.  The Western part of Ohio looks to see the best chance for more snow to fall.  The central part of Ohio may see a flurry or two, but the majority of the precipitation Monday night will be snow and the Eastern part of Ohio will stay as all rain because they will be too close to Sandy to let the cold air get in.

Rain showers will continue overnight and the slim chance for a spotty flurry mixing in with temperatures just above freezing.  Most of the precipitation for Sunday night and Monday morning will stay in the form or rain.  Winds will pick up through Monday and remain between 30-40+ mph for midday Monday through Tuesday.  The rain will continue Monday, but begin to switch over to snow Monday evening as temperatures fall near freezing.  The Western half of Ohio will see the snow switch first.  The snow will change back to rain near daybreak Tuesday.  MOST of the snow will melt once it hits the warm, wet surface so not expecting much in the form of accumulation, BUT if the snow falls fast enough that it can't melt as fast then you may see a light coating until the rain melts it.  Along with the switch over from snow to rain there will be pockets of a wintry mix as well.  Once we warm up Tuesday morning the remainder of the system will stay in the form of rain because we will be too warm. 

Winds will be the main threat with this system, but roadways will be a bit treacherous for Tuesday EARLY morning before daybreak.  Western Ohio will have the best chance for a light coating... mainly under 1" of snow(unless you see a heavy snow shower) and Columbus\Central Ohio will see up to a coating that will melt immediately on contact or quickly thereafter.  Also keep in mind with the heavy rain and some storm sewer drains clogged with leaves that ponding of water and hydroplaning are a real possibility... even did it once for a second on my way home for dinner.  Stay safe and if there are any more major changes I will keep you posted.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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