Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What a beautiful day!!!

 What a beautiful day!  On top of that I did a mpg calculation with my new Maxi moped set-up.  Polini, 20 PHBG, and Proma Circuit... how about 68 mpg!  Pretty stoked with that and my city riding I have been doing.
I spent Sunday night staying late to monitor the weather and luckily it didn't get too crazy, only a handful of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings... despite the storms not having any lightning and thunder.  I also finished a top secret new graphic.  It will be interactive and help to tell the entire weather story in one graphic... pretty sweet.
 Buckeye was not a fan of going outside in the rain Sunday night or Monday... because the wrap around showers were pesky for Monday.
 Despite it being so nasty, I still broke out the bike and rode down to the Short North to help a friend with his moped.  It was the wettest roads I have ridden on and it was a bit scary.  Scary, but fun because any day I can ride on two wheels is a great day.
 I also made a stop at the Park of Roses, but sadly they were not in bloom.  Oh well.
 The sun returned today and I rode my moped to Griggs to play some disc golf with Taylor.  We also found a cool tunnel.  He played with my driver and I played with my putter and I only lost on one hole.  Next time I will bring more discs for that trash-talking borrower.  Haha.
I ended my afternoon with lunch under a tree and enjoying a great view of the Griggs Reservoir.  So much beautiful fall color.

More clouds for Wednesday and rain looks to hold of until late Wednesday and mainly overnight into early Thursday.  Another round or rain can be expected on Friday, but looks lighter.  The weekend looks like a very, very slim chance for rain, so mainly looking dry and noticeably cooler.  Enjoy the mild temps for Wednesday because your coats will be needed soon!  Back to work tomorrow.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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