Sunday, November 16, 2014

The table has been set... For snow

The National Weather Service has issued the warnings and advisories ahead of the snow for tonight. The latest models have bumped up the amount of snow for areas that will stay all snow. Again, keep in mind that if you see any rain you will drastically see lower snowfall totals. Once we had into this evening and we can see what the temperatures are at the surface you can really fine-tune the snowfall map because you can tell who will see you rain and who will not.strong winds out of the south west today will bump all of us into the mid to upper 30s if not lower 40s. 

It should start right around sundown tonight or after and finish midday Monday morning. So Monday morning's commute will likely be pretty dicey for many areas in central Ohio. Nothing that we have not experienced before, but it is the first accumulating snow of the season meeting that more accidents than normal are very likely. I will have another update later today. So please check back in and have a good one! 

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Just got back from grocery store so we are ready. Even though i was going rain, snow, or shine. LOL
    Have a good Sunday.


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