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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Final snowfall forecast before the snow arrives

 LIVE CHAT tonight at 8:30, here:
Snow bands in IL into IL and NW OH.  Rain bands through KY into WV.  We have spotty light precip between the two and the models have them colliding between 6-8PM with rain/snow line right over the metro.  Should be all snow by 10PM-12AM for the metro then the rain light slowly retreats to SE Ohio. 
This is the RPM model and it was MONEY last winter.  I wanted to attached it so that way we can check it later to verify it.
I am calling for 2-4" by daybreak along the I-70 corridor (thirty minute drive east or west of it) then another inch by midday.  (Drastically lower totals for far SE Ohio)  If I see any alterations in the forecast, it would be to nudge the heavier snowbands a tad more to the East.  That will be more of a now-cast this evening when the precip arrives and we check the ground temperatures, but for now the image above is what I am going with for the newscasts.

Either way, it will be a mess on the roads for many Monday morning.  The first snow always is a mess.  Stay safe and have a good one!

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