Thursday, April 18, 2013

Threat for severe weather being cut down...

The rain still keeps tracking through Indiana, but is taking its good, ole time.  The good news is that the threat for severe weather is being cut down, thanks to the cool air from the earlier dieing storms by Sandusky.
SCIENCE LESSON - Outflow Boundary - Sometimes you may have heard us talk about that term before. So what is it? Take a look at the radar, just north of Springfield, the radar is picking up a little "return" where the cool air is sinking under the warm air, lifting it, and causing some "false rain" to show up. That cool air is the winds flowing out from the storms earlier across Northwestern Ohio. Take a look at the temperatures, dramatically cooler. The good news is that the cooler temps will also cut down on the threat for severe weather overnight. Feel free to share! 
Storm Prediction Center has dropped us out of the Slight Risk for severe weather for tomorrow morning.  Only expecting "General Thunderstorms."  Still expecting gusty winds and heavy rain expected for the morning commute though, most of it may be just shy of the severe criteria (58+ mph winds) Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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