Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Buckventure & storms outlook

I was under the assumption that Monday was going to be my only day off this week and with the nice weather on tap... I couldn't let it pass.  So I went to bed a little after 1AM after working Sunday night and then was on the links already before 7:30AM... rough, but worth it.  Played so, so for my first time out for the season.
Took the clubs back to the garage and then took the moped out for a ride around downtown and thought it would be appropriate to get a picture of the bike in front of the statehouse.
Hurried home to watch Anderson, my nephew, for a while.  He loved being out on the patio and sitting under the umbrella.  Goodtimes.
Went on a kayak trip with my brother Marcus.  I got a few miles down the Olentangy, but flipped thanks to a downed tree in the river.  I had to get to the shore because of a low dam coming up.  Made it then had to run along the rushing river to catch back up with my brother and the flipped kayak.  Both of us worked together and we got everything back except for an oar and the kayak license... Gotta respect the water.  Luckily only got a few scrapes and cuts... luckily.  Quite and adventurous day!
I ran out of Claritin D Sunday night and I should have restocked Monday... but I didn't and I paid for it this morning... Ready for the rain to arrive and help knock out the pollen in the air.
Ran to the garage today and put sealed bearings in Taylor's freshly painted wheels.  They look great... crazy paint, thought.  They look green under any lights other than the sun's light.  The sun's light makes them look like a dark yellow... crazy one-off paint.
Here is a look at the storms about ready to roll into Central Ohio.  Keep updated with any watches and warnings for this evening.  Hail and wind will be the main threat, but tornadic storms are also possible.  Scattered storms for the coming days as well as we deal with warm, humid, spring-like weather ahead of the colder air for the weekend.

Andrew Buck Michael

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