Saturday, April 27, 2013

Farm videos, rain on the way

Had a great few days at home... Recorded these video clips.  Click the speaker button for sound.

It was great to decompress a little, especially after being sick for the first part of the week.  Gotta love being up before the sun comes up.
I also went through all of my keep-sake items and found some hilarious photos.  Hope you enjoy!
I will be sharing some other stuff I dug out.  Ya gotta check back in for those...
On to the weather... Rain is already pushing in tonight.  It will be pretty steady and heavy Sunday morning and afternoon with some breaks midday.  There is a slight chance for a rumble of thunder or two, but not really expecting severe weather.  We will be a little cooler Sunday because of the rain, but we warm right back into the 70's for highs much of next week.  Monday will have a few pesky showers sticking around, but the sunshine returns quickly.

The middle-end of next week is interesting.  There is a HUGE change compared to yesterday's forecast. There will be a strong area of High Pressure over New England which will help stop the weather pattern a few days.  Low Pressure with a cold front will be forced to stall out in the Central Plains for the middle to end of next week and then finally try to move through later next weekend... so basically... after Monday we should stay dry until next weekend... if not longer.  I will keep you posted if that changes.  Off to the news... Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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