Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gorgeous day for a ride

I couldn't just stay inside today.  I ran a couple of errands on my Puch Magnum.  Had some spare keys made and had a little extra time to zip around downtown Columbus.  Man... what a great day!  It was a little breezy on the bridges, but can't complain too much.  Still keeping the moped in the garage for the days to come because the rain will be returning.

Rain pushes in tomorrow midday and another light round of rain showers around dinner time.  Monday more showers and even a few storms and the same for Tuesday.  Wednesday... more showers and then a better chance for showers and storms again Thursday... So yea, a pretty wet week ahead.  The good news is that it will not be a washout for the entire week, but it will be on and off.  Monday and Thursday will be the wettest.  On the up side... we will be seeing the warmest temps of the year this week.  The first half of the week we will be pushing 70.  Then the rain leaves Thursday and it gets "cooler" for Friday and Saturday... and by "cooler" I mean highs near 60... how about that for "cooler"  Haha.

After all... April showers bring the May flowers. So keep the umbrella handy and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Here is a bigger panoramic photo.  Click on it to blow it up High Res.  Almost looks cartoon-like.

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  1. Would you tell me where that was taken? It is a wonderful view of downtown!


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