Sunday, April 14, 2013

Aurora Borealis & forecast breakdown

Been keeping an eye on the Aurora levels today and made a new diagram to better understand how low the radiation has been today.  We would need to double our levels to even start thinking about seeing anything here in Ohio.  Not sold on it ramping up tonight either, but who knows...

On to the weather for Central Ohio...
The models giveth, the models taketh away.  Upcoming week no longer looks identical to last week... not surprised, but at least we will be seeing highs in the 70's most of the week.

Very slight chance for a shower Monday.  Rain will be approaching from the west and the models are trying to pop a little convergence.  Not buying into it a whole lot with our dry air, but I put in a 20% chance... the Western counties may see the line by the evening.  Much better shot for rain the remainder of the workweek.

Tuesday the rain starts to move through with scattered showers and storms, slight chance for severe.

Models vary for Wednesday with Euro lifting front to the North around Lake Erie and CMC & GFS drop the stationary front to the Ohio River.  This will play an affect on temps.

Everything agrees on Thursday that the stationary front is right along I-70 and then the cold front slows down a little.

Here is the current timing of the cold front passage on Friday: Euro 2AM, GFS 11AM, CMC 2PM. 

Still looking at another cool weekend next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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