Sunday, April 7, 2013

Not too shabby of a day...

It was a crazy day... but for Ohio, normal.  I went out to dinner in Dublin with some family and a few light rain showers around 9AM.  
By noon, we had nearly full-on sun.  I gotta be honest and I thought we would have had more clouds, but not many people complained... just the critics that weren't enjoying the sunshine.  The sun warmed us up to the warmest temps of the year.

We actually topped out at 74° in Columbus today.  Not too shabby considering that less than two weeks ago we had Winter Storm Warnings.
The showers started popping back up this afternoon and evening and even a few rumbles of thunder.  Most of the rain tonight stayed to the south, but it will lift north overnight.  Now that the sun has went down the storms are just moderate showers and still isolated.  The isolated showers and few rumbles of thunder will be the team over the next few days.  Most of the days will be dry, but a passing shower or storm through the first half of the week with highs back in the 70's.  By Wednesday night into Thursday a cold front will push through bringing in a MUCH better chance for rain and slight chance for severe weather.  We then cool back into the upper 50's and near 60 for Friday and next weekend with the sunshine returning... Gotta love Ohio.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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