Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stormy night ahead

Tornado Watches are already going up ahead of the line of storms pushing into Indiana.  Actually, they issued a PDS, a Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch for much of Indiana.  To the best of my knowledge, that is the first PDS of the year.  PDSes are not issued very often so take the weather serious.
Luckily the majority of the severe weather will be to the west of Ohio.  The storms are moving to the east very slow so by the time they reach Central Ohio the sun will be setting and we will have passed the max heating of the day.
There is a slight chance for tornadic storms.  Above is the probability for a tornado within a twenty five mile radius.  Again, most of the tornado warned storms will be to the west, but the Western half of Ohio is in the 5% area.
The main threat will be strong winds with the storms.  Be sure to stay alert.  The line moving through Indiana will begin to fall apart and a new line will form stronger behind it.  This kind of phasing will continue through the afternoon and early evening.  The leading line will try to pull some of the energy out of the atmosphere... going to be an active afternoon.

The storms will begin to roll into the NW counties of Ohio this evening.  They will push into the Miami Valley around or just before midnight and Central Ohio just after midnight.  The arrival to Columbus will be around or just before 3AM.  This is all timing for the line of storms... BUT there could be a few pop-up thunderstorms across Ohio today ahead of the line of storms thanks to the heating of the day.  The rain kicks out of here on Friday, leaving us MUCH cooler for the weekend and drier.  Be sure to stay alert tonight and I will be covering it all at FOX28 and ABC6 tonight.  Also, be sure to follow my work twitter for any watches or warnings for Central Ohio:   Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

PS. I have an update, click the top banner for the newest look at the storms.

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