Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Icy Evening!

This morning was a super productive morning.  Cleaned more of the house and got on the treadmill for a couple of miles while enjoying some Top Gun action.  Such a cheesy awesome movie!
We actually saw a decent amount of sun this afternoon.  You can see in the picture above that the Winter Weather Advisories and Freezing Rain Advisories were for the locations below freezing.  Anywhere where it was warmer this system will mostly stay all rain.
I was driving back from my dinner break and the leading edge pushed through and it started off as a couple minutes of sleet then transitioned over to rain.  There may be a couple of pockets of wintry mix the next hour or so, but it looks to stay rain for Columbus for the rest of the overnight as the warmer air pushes in and further north.  So the radar above will slowly turn more green as the freezing rain and sleet changes to rain.  Another thing to mention is that the leading edge on the radar is a bit misleading tonight.  The air is very dry so the leading edge is evaporating before it hits the ground, which is called virga.  Anyway, we will transition over to all rain overnight and then light spotty rain Monday and Tuesday as MUCH warmer air arrives.  Tuesday we will get into the lower 60's.

The warm rain won't last forever... Wednesday will be interesting.  A STRONG cold front will blast in Wednesday and bring some early storms in the warm air.  As the temperatures fall rapidly later in the day we will see the rain transition back to light snow.  The ground will be wet from the rain so most of the snow will not stick, but we could see a dusting for Thursday... if all holds true (remember we are talking 4 days out and that is like bowling down two lengths of a bowling alley) See my "Bowling Analogy"  Another weak round of snow Saturday with another light coating... too far out to put any numbers on that, but it looks fairly light.  Enjoy the warm temperatures and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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