Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting icy out!!!

Ran over to the garage today to do some QUICK wrenching.  Someone needed a clutch pulled from a Minarelli motor.  He spent a few days trying to do it without a puller... only took me about twenty seconds with the puller.  Proper tools can make life SOOOOO much easier.  It was pretty cold, but I cleaned up a little while he was on his way.  I also looked at the cylinder studs that I replaced.  MAN were they stripped bad. Shocking that I didn't do any damage based on an air leak, but these are now trash... or maybe save them for a hammering pin.
Temps today stayed in the mid 30's with some light rain/snow/sleet, but now the cold front has blasted through and left everything turning to ice.  I slipped all over the place on my street and parking lot.  Make sure to be careful in the morning.  I shot a little video to demonstrate it all turning to ice...

The good news is that tomorrow we will be dealing with a LOT more sunshine.  We just have to kick these clouds out of here.  So icy tomorrow morning and then sunny and barely above freezing.  Few more clouds Tuesday as we get into the low 40's and we keep climbing from there.  Mid 40's Wednesday with a very slight chance for rain.  Better chance for rain late Thursday into early Friday as warm air punches in from the Gulf.  VERY warm for January in Ohio for the weekend, but another round of rain heading into the end of next weekend.  Then the cold air returns.  Stay safe out there and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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