Saturday, January 26, 2013

Freezing rain then MUCH warmer

I have always said there is one thing I would not brag about and that is my bowling skills.  But last night I played awesome.  I won the first game and then tied the second.  It was a lot of fun to get together with my college meteorology friends and catch up.  Today I spent the morning cleaning the house a little and then came in early to work since the weather this week is going to be very interesting and more of a challenge to forecast.
We will stay dry overnight tonight and for the start of you Sunday, but the afternoon and evening will be interesting.  A warm front will lift through tomorrow evening and once it does we will warm up straight through until Wednesday... more on that shortly.  But the leading edge of the rain will arrive before the warm front and our surface temperatures will be below freezing, but the temperatures just above the surface (few hundred feet up) will be warm... to we will see rain fall and freeze on the surface... freezing rain.  I think the timing will be in the late afternoon and early evening for the arrival, and it will be patchy, so not all of the Miami Valley or Central Ohio will see the freezing rain.
We will slowly see the transition over from the freezing rain / wintry mix over to all rain throughout the overnight hours.
By daybreak Monday we will be even warmer so any wintry mix will have turned over to rain or at least we will be back above freezing.  Anywhere north of I-70 has the coldest air and best chances for more freezing rain.  The further south you live, the warmer it will be and it will stay more as regular rain.  Regardless we will have slick spots late Sunday into early Monday.  The rain showers continue on and off through the middle of the week as our temperatures continue to warm.

It is kind of rare to see such a linear fashion of the warming temperatures over a three to four day stretch with no drops in temperature.  Our high temperatures will be at midnight each day and then the morning low will be at midnight each morning. Once we hit the peak Wednesday into Thursday then another arctic blast of cold air for the end of the week... just when I will be off and can't work in the garage.  Bummer.  I may just have to work in the garage Tuesday night when I get off work to take advantage of the warmer temperatures.  Anyway our temps fall throughout the day on Wednesday thanks to the cold front.  We could see a few storms early Wednesday with the cold front and then end the day with snow showers.  Gotta love Ohio.  Looks like light snow continues on and off through Thursday and into early Friday and another round of snow for next weekend.  They both look very light, but right now not appearing to be a shovel-able amount of snow, at least for the late-week system.  I will be back with updates.  Travel safe and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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