Sunday, January 20, 2013

FRIGID temps on the way.

The above image (click on it for a lager version) is what we can expect from 2PM Monday until 2PM Wednesday.  The wind chills will be dipping below zero for over 36 hours.  By the time we get to Tuesday morning we will likely be seeing wind chills near ten degrees below zero.  That is just the sustained winds... imagine if you get a couple of gusts... downright dangerous.
Frostbite can occur in about thirty minutes according to the revised windchill chart.  The above image shows how long frostbite will occur.  Make sure to bundle the kids up super warm for Tuesday!

 Next few days are remaining fairly unchanged.  Light snow, mainly north of I-70 tonight and a little during the day Monday.  Dusting north, not much at all south.  Temperatures fall through the afternoon Monday. Wind chills below zero from Monday afternoon thru Wednesday Midday.  My forecasted high for Tuesday's high is 13.  We slowly try to warm up ahead of the next system later in the week. 

The next system will be tricky.  NAM tries to bring in the weak low by late Wednesday into Thursday, but the CMC and GFS have the low hold off another 12-24 hours, strengthen, and then come through (a little earlier than yesterday's thoughts) as early as midday Thursday and Thursday night.  The advanced timing could mean less warming and staying as more snow than the wintry mix.  The timing and temps will need to be monitored closely.  Right now it almost looks to start as snow, change to wintry mix including ice on Thursday, and then back to snow Thursday night into Friday.  I will be monitoring it very closely.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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