Saturday, January 19, 2013

Motion Left & FRIGID temps coming!

Wednesday was pretty awesome for me.  I went up to Lima to meet up with my long-time mopeding friend, KZ.  We grabbed lunch then traveled up to Goshen, Indiana and met up with Motion Left, the Goshen branch of Moped Army.  I was inducted as an Honorary Member.  I am super stoked. I have been into mopeds for five years.  I have tried starting my own branch in Dayton with the DAM Riders, but had to leave with the new job in Columbus.  I started trying to put together another branch in Columbus, but before I got the ball rolling, Motion Left snatched me up as one of their own.  They are a group of very down to earth friends and beside myself with excitement to be an "official member" of Moped Army now. 
The ride up to Goshen was awesome and probably one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever been able to witness.  It was a solid thirty minutes of changing colors.
I also grabbed a picture of the Paragon bike.  Many may recognize it from the 1977 Garage.  While you are there, be sure to check out my bikes and give them a "Like"
I then spent Friday tweaking my bikes a little.  I finally got the cotter pin out of my Maxi's pedal that was driving me nuts since the threading was messed up.  So happy to get it off.
I also threw on my new WSL pipe on the Polini.  It seemed to rip harder in the lower end than the Proma, which is now on my Treats kitted Magnum.  Haven't tested out the top end yet... new front axle should arrive Monday.  Either way, my winter projects are finally coming to an end and I am ready to hit the road.
One thing I was NOT happy about was the final episode of Fringe last night.  Dawn and I started watching back in 2008 and we loved the show.  It was always on the cusp of getting cancelled and I loved having deep parallel-universe discussions with other friends that watched the show.  Pretty sad ending, but it did not disappoint in how epic it ended.
Today was such a great day that Dawn and I ran a few errands and enjoyed the sunshine.  Good thing because the 50's today will feel like a heatwave compared to what is coming...
I threw this together to show the dropping temperatures for the days to come. It seems that each weekend I get blessed with some DRASTICALLY changing temperatures and this seems to really show the change the best and I get great feedback from viewers.  But you can see from the 53 we saw today... by Tuesday and Wednesday it will feel warm.  We will also be staying dry for the most part.  There is a SLIGHT chance for a sprinkle tonight, but most of us should stay dry.  That will be coming in with the first cold front.  A second cold front will push in Sunday night and early Monday that could bring a light dusting of snow by Monday morning.  We then freeze out and dry out until later Thursday into Friday as another cold front returns and our temperatures are right on the sweet spot now for that wintry mix so I will keep you posted.  Enjoy the mild temps this evening and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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