Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grab the coat!

Well it couldn't last forever.  The cold front was pushing through Downtown Columbus during my dinner break because all of the sudden the winds shifted to the northwest and went from five miles an hour up to about twenty five miles an hour.  Time to grab the coat!  The steady moderate rain is now pushing off to Eastern Ohio and other than a stray flurry we will begin to dry out and ice over in spots.  I will be interested to see how much of the pavement will freeze over.  We have had such warm days that it may take a little time for the untreated pavement to cool off.  Regardless it is going to be cold tomorrow morning.

This frontal system will stall out just to our south meaning that the south and eastern part of the state will see more clouds for the coming couple of days and the northern part of the stat will see a little more sunshine.  Same goes for the rain, most of Ohio will stay dry.  There is a weak cold front Wednesday night that may bring a few flurries, and then another slight chance for snow next weekend, but both look rather light right now.  I will keep a close eye on them, but looks like a dry cold week ahead of us.  Bundle up and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Oh, my. We are in TN heading North to Buckeye Country for another ten weeks.


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