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Friday, July 6, 2012

What is worse than moving?

Luckily I was only moving things around the house. Dawn and I just finished painting the guest bedroom and we cleared out the entire room. The first thing I put back in there was the bed and Buckeye was excited for that. Before I got anything else into the room he was already up on his favorite bed, chilling. He actually was getting excited when I was moving everything back into the room because that is his little get-away. I rearranged the room about five times to maximize the space and I love the new set-up.

Luckily the AC had been fixed because it was toasty again yesterday. We only got to a high of 98º because of a few clouds offering a little natural shade. I think today, with plenty of sun, we should break the 100º degree record with a high of 101º. Tomorrow we will see a few more clouds and a chance for rain by the late afternoon and evening with a high of 102º(record high is 100º too). A better chance for rain Sunday and a high near 90 and then the cold front cools us off into the mid 80's for next week. I am looking forward to that...but not looking forward to more dry weather next week. We are currently seven and a half inches below normal this year for rainfall. On the positive note, at least the temperatures will be cooling off. Stay cool and have a good one!

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