Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From Dayton to Daytona

I am very excited for Friday to arrive. I am going on a vacation to Daytona Beach with my wife. We will be kicking back on the beach, enjoy our first anniversary, and attempt to not get sunburned. I have been busy packing and cleaning the house so I had to dig around the internet for a picture today. Hopefully I will be coming back with many more photos.

The weather for Daytona doesn't look a whole lot different compared to here in Dayton... highs in the low-mid 90's and morning low temps in the low-mid 70's. There is nothing like the smell of salt water and the feel of muggy air... it reminds you, yea, I am in Florida. Anyway, we will be dealing with similar temperatures the next few days. Today we could have an isolated shower or storm, but the chances are pretty small. Tomorrow we could deal with strong to severe storms and the same for early Friday as a cold front plows through. This will cool us off into the mid 80's for the weekend with lower humidity along with plenty of sunshine. We bounce back into the upper 80's for next week and rain returning for the middle of next week. Stay cool today and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Congratulations on your vacation! I'm sure you'll be "right at home" with FL's unpredictable weather! Have fun, & remember us when taking those beautiful pics! Be sure to catch a beach sunset, would love to see that again!


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