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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New moped set-up

I have mentioned on here before about my Magnum getting a new set-up.  I was running the Metrakit 65, but after seeing the power out of a Treats kit(despite being cheaper)... I was sold.  I was able to sell my Metrakit with a few other things and make just enough to buy the Treats reed kit without digging into my wallet so a great move in my opinion.  I mowed the grass yesterday and then took ten minutes to mount up my MLM exhaust and took it around the block.  I may need to down gear a little for more low-end and down jet with the reed block, but it seemed quite peppy when not four-stroking.  I wish I could ride this for the long ride on Saturday, but I will be running the Polini/Maxi for the 90 mile ride since this will not be broken in yet.  Anyway, just thought I would share the progress.

Needless to say, I did NOT spend much time outside yesterday with the high of 96º.  I was out for as short of a time as possible and then was back inside doing laundry and cleaning.  Today I need to reorganize the garage and purge some things, but I will be doing all of that as quickly as possible and then back inside.  Much of Ohio is under a Heat Advisory with the heat and humidity making it feel like the low 100's.  We do have a chance to see isolated showers and storms today and then a slightly better chance for rain Wednesday and Thursday.  We will top out at 96º today, 92º tomorrow, and then 89º Thursday followed by mid-upper 80's for the end of the week and weekend along with lower humidity.  There will be plenty of sunshine this weekend, as well, so honestly a little warm, but great!  Stay cool and have a good one!

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