Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Could yesterday BE any better?

(If you watch the TV show Friends you would understand the title.)

Yesterday was a pretty sweet day all around... well other than one big hick-up.  I got off work, grabbed lunch with one of my moped friends.  I love burritos and what goes better with a burrito than a free cookie?  Not much!  I then went home and did about six loads of laundry while waiting on my new phone to arrive since I had to sign for it.  While I was waiting I did a little moped wrenching.  I sold my metrakit from the Magnum and went reeds with the Treats reed kit.  Essentially a cylinder swap.  I know it may be a step down in quality in some people's opinion, but I think the reeds will offer more power than the metrakit.  Only time will tell I guess.  Anyway, the ports on the metra were larger than the treats kit so I ramped the ports on the cylinder to match up and flow better.  Things were going along GREAT.  I gaped the piston rings to 0.011" and had things moving along smoothly.  I was putting the cylinder back on the bike and SNAP.  I am not sure how the first ring snapped, but it did.  Luckily I had plenty of tacos saved up so I got a new piston ring on the way for free... including shipping... Saaaaweet!  I now just wait a couple days before I can finish putting the bike back together.  My phone finally came and it was such a nice day that Dawn and I went out to dinner and ate on a patio.  We had a fun time with great food.  I did not activate my phone yet... figured I needed sleep a little more and I will deal with (play with) my phone when I get home.  Looks like that will be my last ever upgrade with Verizon, without paying a ridiculous amount.  I only got three hours of sleep then woke up and felt like I slept for twelve hours.  I just watched the clock slowly tick closer to time to get up.  I normally am the most tired on Tuesday mornings, but today is weird.  Good weird.

The beautiful weather we had yesterday will continue through the day today.  As a matter of fact our highs are in the mid 80's for the next seven days. Dry weather until later Thursday when a slight chance for showers and storms return.  We have a better chance for rain Friday and Saturday and then things move out of here Sunday.  Right now it is looking like scattered showers and storms and we can use as much rain as we can get.  I walked out to check the mail yesterday and the grass was just crunching under my feet.  For anyone who has green grass...I do not envy your water bill.  Anyway, get out there and enjoy the beautiful day and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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