Friday, July 20, 2012

Buck's Ride...repeat?!

Last year I hosted Buck's Bachelor Ride. A final huge ride two weeks before my wedding. We had an amazing ride around Dayton with sixteen riders. This year I am hoping for just as many riders and more. I have a lot more planned for Buck's Ride this year. As a matter of fact I have about 85 miles planned for us tomorrow with stops at local attractions, restaurants, and dams. The ride will be leaving at 11AM tomorrow and it looks like great weather for the fun-filled day. Be sure to wave if you see us zipping around town. It will be hard to miss a gang of buzzing mopeds riding down the street, haha. I will be sure to have plenty of pictures for you on Monday in my blog entry and probably posting to Instagram/Twitter throughout the day. I am just hoping to make it as much fun as last year...if not doubled.

Well, as mentioned, the weather tomorrow looks fantastic. We are dealing with a few pesky showers this morning. The cold front is currently cutting through the Northern Miami Valley and slowly pushing to the south. We will see the rain slowly move south throughout the morning and early afternoon. The good news is that the humidity will be dropping behind the front as well and slowly clearing. The rain has been nice and I wouldn't mind more of it, but I need dry weather for my ride. The weekend will be full of sunshine with only a few clouds with warm, low humidity, and great conditions. Temps will be in the mid 80's for today and tomorrow and then low 90's for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Another shot for rain Tuesday and then the rain parks just south of us through the middle of next week with highs back in the upper 80's. Stay dry today, enjoy the beautiful weekend, and as always...have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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