Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Morning Storms

The showers and storms started popping up in Indiana around 3AM and have been going through phases. They strengthen and then weaken, then pick back up. Most of the rain we saw yesterday was across the Northern Miami Valley, but the morning rain will remain mostly to the west and south at first, then the rest of the area. Nothing is currently severe, but later this afternoon we could deal with a few strong storms, especially to the south of Dayton. Most of the rain will be early today and then later tomorrow. Thursday more storms as the system prepared to leave, but a few showers and storms Friday on its coattails. Highs will be near 90º for the next three days and then cooling off into the mid-lower 80's still for the weekend with lower humidity...but the muggy conditions return next week. The weirdest part of this heat is that you get used to it to an extent. Sure it was hot yesterday, it got to 96º, but I was like, ehhhh, yea a little hot. Anyway, stay dry this morning and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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