Thursday, May 10, 2012

You'll need a lot of coffee...for the forecast

The reason: you will not want to stop enjoying the beautiful weather. So drink that extra large coffee this morning so you have plenty of energy for the day ahead. Yesterday the forecast was right on the money with spotty light rain showers for the late afternoon and early evening. Today will be the start of a beautiful stretch of weather ahead. Plenty of sunshine the next few days and temperatures very comfortable with highs in the mid 60's today and then low-mid 70's for Friday and Saturday. The only wet weather for the seven day forecast is on Sunday, Mother's Day. It will be great for mothers to sleep in, and we are spending the day with our mothers inside right?! So scattered showers/storms on Mother's Day isn't THAT bad, if you put the right spin on it. Early next week will be a lot like the next few days with a few more clouds. I mentioned rain sticking around for Monday and Tuesday in yesterday's entry, but the rain looks to move just far enough south to stay out of our hair, but we will see a few clouds from the rain in Kentucky. I will keep a close eye on the models over the next few days, but right now the rain looks to stay a little further south. Basically great weather for the entire seven day forecast, other than a little rain on Sunday... so get out there and enjoy it! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Oh, yes, just loving this weather! We took a little trip over to Metamora, Indiana, today for a photo outing. Got some nice pictures of Indiana farm land, too. Keep this weather coming. :))


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