Friday, May 4, 2012

Strong Storms Likely Later

Keeping in track with nearly every Friday this spring... more strong to severe weather expected to finish off the workweek. I think through the last two months there has only been two or three weeks where Friday turned out quiet for the Ohio Valley. The good news for us is that most of the severe weather will be staying to our west in Indiana and Illinois later today. Our main threat for the Miami Valley will be strong winds and hail. The atmosphere will not have a lot of rotation for the threat for tornadic storms...that is more likely west as well.

Yesterday's temperature was a bit of a let-down. If I normally nail the high within three degrees I am happy and yesterday I was calling for 87, but we only got to 85. Our temperature at noon was 80 so I thought that 87 would be easily reached, but sadly, no. So it turned out to be the second hottest day of the year so far and our 244 day streak of not being warmer than 86 continues. It sure did feel warmer though. I noticed one of my tires on my truck slowly losing air and while I was trying to fill it up yesterday I noticed a nail in the tire. Dawn and I heard a loud pop Wednesday night when we went out to dinner, but I figured it was a pop can or bottle. I pulled out the nail and used a tarred rubber strip to seal it back up... almost as good as new. I checked it this morning and no air leaks. Just hope it stays that way.

This morning will be warm with current temps at 4:30AM in the mid 60's. A high of 80 today as the storms move in around the evening commute. The storms will last into the evening and the main threat for wet weather for early Saturday will be the Southern Miami Valley. We will start to dry out heading into Saturday afternoon and set up for a pretty nice finish to the weekend with highs near 80. Still tracking more rain by Monday which will drop our highs to near 70 for the middle of next week. Keep an eye to the sky for later today and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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