Monday, May 14, 2012

New Moped(Kinda), and Mother's Day on the Farm

This weekend turned out to be quite fun. Friday one of my college buddies visited Dawn and I and we had dinner on the patio at TJ Chumps in Miamisburg. It was fun hanging out with an old friend and catching up on how things have been since we all left our meteorology classes at Ohio State. Saturday was filled with a few more clouds. It was the high cirrus clouds so the sun was still out, but had to cut through the thin upper atmosphere clouds. Dawn and I hung out around the house in the morning and I was waiting on our morning show producer to come by so we could go play some golf. While I was killing some time I rode my moped around the community and window shopping the community garage sales...and...I spotted a Puch Maxi moped. The guy thought it was hilarious that I rode up on a Maxi as well. I talked to him for a short time and made him an offer for the bike. I didn't have enough cash on me at the time, so I left a security deposit and have to go back to pick it up. The bike needs a little TLC, but a pretty nice bike despite sitting for the last ten years. One of the local riders has been looking for a moped so I already know who this bike will be going to...not me. I rode my moped home and as soon as I was about ready to leave to play golf Dawn called and said she popped a tire. I went and put on the spare tire in record time so still made it out to Mound Golf Course. Golf went well...I parred one of the nine holes, and the rest were decent. My drive was great... 330+ yards, but my medium-short game needs work. I always over-chip my shots. Saturday night we went out to celebrate a co-workers birthday and then Sunday Dawn and I spent the entire day back on my parents farm. It was great hanging out with the family and catching up. My brothers are hilarious. Dawn thought her family was loud, but my family basically yells non-stop when we get together. A few months ago I posted a picture on here of the bedroom my sister was drawing life-size pictures of all of the Disney princesses...well she just started painting them. I will be sure to post a photo of them when she is finished, but it looks crazily awesome so far.

The weather yesterday wasn't all that horrible. We dealt with showers early then most of the Miami Valley saw a little break in the afternoon followed by more light rain showers later. Today will be drier. A little light rain to the far south early then we all start to dry out and get the clouds to clear out heading into the afternoon. The only chance for rain this week will be later Wednesday as a weak cold front swings through and then either late Sunday or early next week. Temperature-wise it will be a comfortable start to the week with highs in the mid-upper 70's. We will warm up into the 80's for Friday and the upcoming weekend. It looks like a great weekend to get the boat out on the water, so get your preparations done now. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Sounds like a fun family weekend. Somehow My Honey grilled steaks yesterday - between the raindrops. ;)


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