Friday, May 11, 2012

Eating rust

One step forward, two steps back. When I originally got this moped it had a LOT of nasty fuel and rust in the tank. Very common for Puch mopeds. As luck would have, it was two years ago exactly that I ate the rust out. Using Klean-Strip® Phosphoric Prep & Etch the rust-removing job turns out great. The picture with the two mopeds is from when I did it two years ago.
I miss the gold bike, but the red one is currently my white bike... just completely rebuilt. I like the white look a little better. Anyway, clean out all the oil and nastiness from the tank, let the acid sit in there for 10 minutes, empty back into container, check, refill gas tank with the acid again, repeat until tank looks nice and clean. Be sure not let the acid eat through the good metal, especially since the frame is the gas tank. Once all is said and done the grey metal is a welcome sight after that nasty orange rust. PLUS, the acid can be saved and used for later.

My two steps back was that when I rebuilt the bike over the winter I wanted to REALLY clean out the tank. I used nuts inside and shook it up to break free any debris. Well, I didn't rinse with a baking soda solution so the vinegar (weak acid) allowed for flash rust to the tank... I did clear out the rust flakes, but had to clean the tank again, properly. It never ends. Anyway I did the tank properly yesterday and should be in the best condition it has ever been since about 1980 when it was brand new. Some ask why I don't coat the inside of the tank, but if I ever wanted to remove that, well, I would be better off running for President. I would rather run straight metal. I was going to down gear to 14 x 40 yesterday too to help climb hills, but I never got around to it because someone came over and we tried fixing his new Tomos moped... well, "new" being that it is a 1980's Tomos.

Weather for the week ahead looks GREAT. The only chance for rain is later Sunday into the early morning hours Monday possibly. Highs will be in the 70's for the next 7 days... what more is there to say? Not much, 70's and dry other than late Sunday into early Monday. That is the entire forecast in once sentence... and they expect me to talk about that for 3 minutes on-air...haha. That is when I get to add a little flavor to the forecast. It is a little chilly this morning, but with wall to wall sunshine today we will bounce into the 70's easily. Happy early Mother's Day and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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