Monday, May 7, 2012

GORGEOUS weekend... storms return today

This weekend had to be the nicest weather for a weekend that we have seen all year. Friday was a little hot and humid, but after the storms rolled through late Friday it cleared out the humidity and dropped our temperature a little for the weekend. Both days were filled with sunshine and people taking advantage of the great weather. I did a little running, bowling, dancing, and topped that off with a little golf with Dawn's father and two uncles on Sunday. They are a hilarious group and I got quite the workout... abs, that is. But all good things must come to an end... today will be a lot like Friday with storms.

The storms will roll in this afternoon for the Miami Valley and some of the strongest storms will not arrive until the evening and overnight. There is an additional threat with these storms and that is flash flooding. With the ground still saturated from Friday's rain the heavy rain expected with tonight's storms, it will cause quickly rapidly rising water. Flooding is the number one weather related killer in the U.S. so take it serious and turn around if you see water over the road. "Turn around, don't drown." The storms will also likely contain strong winds, hail, and even an isolated tornado is possible with a little bit of rotation as you go up in the atmosphere. The storms look to arrive around noon and these storms will not be as severe or strong as the storms expected into the evening and around midnight as the cold front plows through. Expect to be woken up a time or two tonight and be prepared to take cover.

Once the storms leave overnight we could see an isolated rain shower or two early tomorrow or Wednesday, but most of the area will start to dry out and cool off for the rest of the week. We will warm up to 81 today, 70 tomorrow, and then mid-upper 60's for the rest of the week and then low 70's next weekend. Rain will be moving back in later next weekend, but for the most part a great finish to the week. Looking forward to some beautiful, sunny, cool days. Stay dry, alert, & have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Last night was the best sleeping weather we have had for awhile. It is wonderful to sleep with the windows open and enjoy that "outside air." That is something we can't do when we are on the ship! ;)


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