Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vacation planning

I have not had a day off work in over five months so my vacation time is building up and needs to be used soon. Dawn has been working diligently planning our vacation. I have offered my thoughts but I keep getting lost on where we are going. First it was Lake Michigan, then it was Erie/Niagara, and the last few days it has been Daytona Beach. Each place has its benefits, but personally, I am all for Daytona. My family would take our vacations every other year to Florida and I always loved Daytona. It has been about five years since I have been back to Florida and I would love to go back. There are so many options and we are currently looking into a condo to rent for a week because it would be cheaper than a hotel. Either way... I am looking forward to a little R and R. I love the photo I found online...if you look REALLY careful near the middle of the photo there is a red lighthouse. I visited and climbed to the top of the lighthouse one summer when I was in middle school. Another interesting tid-bit, the Daytona race used to be held on the beach here and did a turn-around at the bottom of the island. I still have at least a couple months before vacation, but looking at the photo makes me daydream and float mentally to a warm, sunny beach.

Alright...back to reality... Today will be partly cloudy here in Ohio with a very, very slight chance for a spotty shower as a weak cold front moves through around midday. Most of the Miami Valley will remain dry with highs in the low 70's for today and tomorrow. Tomorrow will be wall to wall sunshine and only a few clouds Friday as we climb back into the 80's. Low-mid 80's for the weekend so a very slight chance for pop-up afternoon shower or storm is possible. Better chance for rain early next week with another cold front moving through again. Not a bad pattern...warm, and rain only every few days. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Enjoy that vacation. We'll be sailing out of Port Canaveral this summer beginning mid June. It does get hot in FL, but it's still a beautiful place to be.


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