Friday, May 18, 2012

1973 Maxi update

So the moped I picked up pretty cheap at the garage sale is still in my possession. There were some major issues and I did not feel proper selling it to someone else in that condition. I spent Wednesday and Thursday afternoon addressing the issues and final nailed it all down. I also finally got spark after trying to figure out the wiring. I have a few other Puch bikes, but this bike is one of the first ones that Puch shipped to America and the coil is inside the stator (vs. the later external coil) and only has three wires coming out of the engine(vs the later 6 wires). The bike is totally Euro and much different of a bike than any other stock Maxi I have seen. I figured out that the wiring is very similar to an Italian bike, just like my Motomarina Sebring that I previously owned. The lights have to work to get spark so I just grounded them from the stator and I got a beautiful blue spark. The motor needs new bearings/seals and I would feel better selling it after I replaced them. So I will be rebuilding the motor and doing a few minor adjustments to the stock bike and bump up the speed a little. Parts of the bike are covered in a thick layer of grease and dust so I took the bike completely apart for cleaning...record timing...under an hour. Buckeye also enjoyed hanging out with me in the garage with the beautiful weather. Any excuse to be outside for both of us.

The great weather will continue into the weekend. Today will be mostly sunny with a high of 80. A few more clouds and a little more humid for the weekend ahead with highs of 83 Saturday and 85 Sunday. So Blessing of the Bikes at UD Arena on Sunday will have great weather... no need for the rain date. That is a HUGE event with bikers coming from all over the area and Midwest. Rain returns Monday and our temperatures cool back off into the mid-upper 70's. Maybe a lingering shower or two early Tuesday and then we dry out and warm right back into the 80's by the end of next week. The great news... this weekend looks fantastic. This weekend I had plans on going to a moped rally in Lafayette, IN, (then maybe the Blessing on Sunday for my moped) but Dawn caught a nasty illness from work so I may need to stay home to take care of her. Wife comes before everything else. Enjoy the summer-like weather this weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Have fun with those bikes. Perfect weather for it, for sure. Our daughter is riding her motorcycle this week, too. It's pretty cool when your CPA shows up with a helmet under her arm to pick up your accounting work, huh. ;)

    We enjoyed this wonderful weather. Yesterday we took a walk around Fernbank Park, West of Cincinnati, then ate at a riverside restaurant. What a perfect day for it! Images coming to a blog near you as soon as I stay inside long enough to get them formatted. ;)


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