Thursday, May 3, 2012

Visiting the Dayton Motorcycle Club

While it goes without saying, I love my mopeds. The Dayton Area Moped Riders and I are still planning our moped rally this fall so I visited the Dayton Motorcycle Club last night for their weekly meeting to ask if we could use their property for our moped rally. While my moped did get a few smirks at first, I was surprised how many of the club members came up and told me about mopeds that they currently own. The inside of their clubhouse is filled with TONS of history. Behind their bar area they have a blown up photo of some of the earliest members. If I remember correctly the photo was from 1912, maybe a year or two later than that. Some of the other photos of their rallies and events were from the early to mid 1900's. I loved looking at the older bikes because they are much closer to a moped than current-day motorcycles. The good news is that they approved us to use their grounds for our rally, almost unanimously. One member voted no, but the other members said he is only kidding because he votes "no" on everything as a joke. They are a really fun bunch and the history of the club was very interesting. They also have a pretty sweet dirt track on the back side of their property.  Some of the members kids were running their dirt bikes on the jumps.  Awesome group and awesome location.
Boy was it hot with my jean jacket yesterday. I was sweating bullets while on my moped. Temperatures today will be even warmer. I need to down-jet my bike because I was running a little rich on my fuel mixture with temperatures up into the mid 80's. I need to re-tune the bike a little leaner anyway even for cooler temps, so I have something to do today... other than clean up around the house AND take a nap since I only got about three hours of sleep.

Hot today. I normally use the term "hot" for 90 degrees or warmer, but after taking a vote around the station...everyone else said 85, so I guess I need to adjust my mentality a little bit. Today we will be partly cloudy with a high of 87.  We have not been this warm since September 3rd, 2011.... so 244 days! With temperatures so warm we could fire up a stray shower or storm today but the chances are VERY slim. There were a few storms that popped up near Indianapolis yesterday. The roads, buildings, and city absorbs more heat and gets a little hotter than the surrounding area so that is likely why the storms fired up yesterday, where they did. We have a much better chance for storms tomorrow evening into early Saturday as a cold front pushes through. That will cool us off into the upper 70's for highs this weekend after a high of 81 tomorrow. More rain early next week will cool us off into the lower 70's for the middle of next week. So stay cool today and tomorrow, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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