Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame... More snow coming

I have been to Cleveland countless times to visit my wife's family.  We are always go-go-go, and never have down time to do much exploring around the city.  Well I finally got my chance.  Dawn, her brother, and I went downtown and had some fun.  We stopped by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It was really awesome to see all the memorabilia.  Not only from the rock era, but the roots, because that is where it all started.  My eighth grade teacher taught a section on the history of rock and roll.  I also took the History of Rock and Roll class at Ohio State (Got an A in the class)... but I never was able to visit the museum in Cleveland.  So awesome to cross that off my bucket list. 

Get ready for snow on the way!!!  Might not feel like it, with the temps in the mid 50's right now, but a very strong front will arrive around 6AM tomorrow then our temps will fall back below freezing.  The clipper system will arrive Monday night around midnight and bring a quick burst of snow through the late morning.
The model above is the in-house RPM model.  It has had a GREAT handle on the snow the past year.  I put a lot of weight into this model, especially a day-out. 
This is the morning run of the GFS model.  It shows higher totals for the heaviest bands in the west, but significantly lower totals to the south.  There will likely be a quick cut-off from decent totals to low totals.  The clipper systems swing by fast, so if you are on the edge, sorry...  

So here is the full rundown of the days to come:  A brief warm spell this evening and overnight as the rain continues.  A cold front will push through just before daybreak Sunday and our temperatures will fall throughout the entire day.  As temperatures fall Sunday, the spotty rain showers will begin to mix with snow showers later in the day. 

We dry out Monday and see a little sun, but the first snowy system of the year will roll in Tuesday morning.  Based on the latest forecast models, most of the snow will fall along or just to the north of I-70.  This 30 mile wide path could see 2-4" of snow with some pockets of a little more.  Significantly lower snow fall totals the farther south you are located, with little to no accumulation along the Ohio River.  Far Northern Ohio could see 1-3" of snow by midday Tuesday.  Stay tuned to any adjustments in the track of the system... since it still has not even reached the Plains yet.  Then a VERY cold blast of arctic air for late week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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