Saturday, January 31, 2015

Final update for Sunday's snow... or lack-there-of for Central Ohio

Wanted to tweak the snowfall totals one final time before it all arrives... It hasn't arrived yet, but the warm air continues moving in... So while we may see some snow early, the rain in the afternoon will quickly melt any of the early snow.  So by late Sunday these totals may be melted away for most of the area, except far Northern Ohio.  Here is a few snaps of Futurecast for tomorrow:
Early wintry mix is likely, including some of the accumulating snow mentioned in the top image.
But the models are showing some dry, warm air working in through the late morning.
And then notice how far north the rain/snow line is once the majority of the precipitation arrives.
Even by 7:30, most of Central Ohio will be seeing rain and snow stays to the far, far Northern portions of Ohio.
And the rain continues to melt the majority of the snow for areas south of US 30.
Once we get to Monday morning our temperatures fall FAST!!! I expect icy conditions Monday morning as our temperatures fall back into the low teens.  So even if you see rain, Monday may be a mess in the morning as our temperatures fall VERY fast and cause everything to ice up... since the ground is already below freezing.

Thanks to EVERYONE who has stayed up-to-date with this system.  Time to get back to the news, but just wanted to keep you all posted.... Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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