Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Storm Watches are issued...

The counties in blue, above, are the counties with the Winter Storm Watch as of Sunday afternoon.  The storm is a brewing...
The image above is the RPM forecast model.  It backed off of the snowfall totals a little bit, but I still think we are on cue for about 2-4+" for most of Central Ohio.
The dark blue shade is where I think the majority of the snow will fall.  I am calling for 2-4" of snow for the royal blue areas, but I added the "+" because I feel that there will be pockets of more, but the majority of the area will see the 2-4".  Clipper systems tend to pull a little more north than the models have, so that is why I have 1-3" across the Southern parts of Ohio in the lighter blue shade.  If there are any big changes coming, I will be sure to let you know. 
The other big story is how cold it will feel.  The wind chills on Thursday morning will likely be between -10 and -20!!!  Yes, that is right.  
Here is the wind chill chart to show you that frostbite could occur in about 20-30 minutes on Thursday morning.  That may be enough for some schools to consider delaying or closing.  I can't really forecast what schools will do, but I can tell you what the weather will be like...  Not sure if I will have another update before the snow... since I will be reporting tomorrow and out in the field.  I will try.  Have a good one and stay warm everyone!

Andrew Buck Michael


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