Sunday, January 11, 2015

4PM update on the coming ice/snow/rain

This is a look at Futurecast every 3 hours tonight. The majority of the freezing rain will be this evening across Central Ohio, then we will warm up a little for actual rain and that will help melt some of the ice. Far Northern Ohio could see a few inches of snow, where it stays cold enough for all snow. Southern Ohio will see freezing rain for a short period this evening then transfer over to liquid rain for a lot of the night. Temps fall tomorrow so any liquid precip will refreeze later tomorrow. The heaviest of the precip will be between 8PM and 2AM.
This is my latest thoughts on the forecast based on the current temperatures.
***I may be tweaking that if our temperature change, so be sure to tune into the forecast tonight for any adjustments***
The third image is for the advisories based on 4PM Sunday.

Again, please tune in this evening for the latest because one or two degree change will GREATLY affect the outcome. You may be seeing ice where you live, but your neighbor may be a degree warmer and they will see rain, but you will be seeing freezing rain, so road conditions will be dicey in spots.

As far as school delays or closings... really hard to predict what school districts will decide in the morning. I am sure there will be a varying degree of conditions on the roads... Be sure to tune into Good Day Columbus for the latest on WSYX ABC 6 and WTTE FOX 28.  Once this kicks out midday tomorrow we should be dealing with a fairly quiet (cold) week ahead... maybe pushing 40° by next weekend!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Yes, we are seeing freezing rain down here in Cincy all right. :\


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