Saturday, May 3, 2014

Storms roll through, ParmaKit, 80's on the way

The storms that rolled through on Tuesday really packed the punch of strong winds.  I reported from Richland County on Wednesday where a mobile home was flipped upside down when 80 mph straight-lined winds came through.  Luckily the lady who lived there survived.
I did give Buckeye a little road trip this week when I ran to pick up some pizza.  He loves car rides.
I also tried something new.  You may have heard of eggs in a basket where you cut a hole in the middle of bread then put an egg in the hole... well I super sized it with everything bagels.  REALLY good, but harder to make.
I also hit up the driving range with Alex and Mike Thursday.  A bit cool and windy, but always good to straighten out your shot!
Last night I hung out with Jon Z so that left me in stitches this morning.  I love it when you laugh so hard that you feel it the next morning.
And then the rest of the morning I mocked up the ParmaKit on my Magnum.  It is going to be a pretty fun build.  I do have to shorten the rear shock for the pipe to clear. I only needed to raise the rear by about a millimeter or three, so not sure if I am going to try to get creative or what... But at least I have other shocks, but don't want to loose it's stance since I love where it is at.
Well... the pollen will be staying high for Central Ohio.  Other than a few scattered showers we will not have any widespread rain until next Friday into Saturday.  A few scattered showers Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.  And temperatures seasonal for the next few days then MUCH warmer later in the week with 80's for Wednesday thru Friday. Then a much better chance for storms Friday and Saturday ahead of a cold front on the way.

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