Sunday, May 18, 2014

ParmaKit Update

Forget the burritos... this ParmaKit is as big as your head!  I got the motor put together today... at least the cases and the top end.  I have to figure out the shimming of the 1977 stuffed crank because it is just a taaaaaad shorter on the clutch side.  Probably only by about 0.25mm.  But in mopeds... 0.25mm can be a HUGE difference in many areas... like timing.  Anyway, thought I would share.  Gotta figure out electrical with the HPI now...

Weatherwise... Monday looks fantastic!  A bit chilly and frosty in the morning, but plenty of sun and temps warming into the mid 70's.  Tuesday a bit warmer but a few scattered showers with more clouds.  Wednesday we will warm into the lower 80's and a slight chance for scattered showers and storms.  Then we cool off into the mid to upper 70's the rest of the week and only a slight chance for rain on Friday.  Next weekend looks GREAT! Mid to upper 70's and plenty of sun! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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