Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shelfie, solo LIVE shot, mopeds, Granville, Clippers game

I couldn't help but take a shelfie picture in front of the shelf cloud when I was out getting storm video Wednesday. 
The storms blew up REALLY fast on Wednesday.  With all the potential energy they were building so fast that lenticular clouds were forming above the growing towers of cumulonimbus.
I did end up going LIVE from just west of Delaware, Oh.  I went LIVE all by myself in Dayton frequently before moving up to Columbus.  It brought back a lot of memories out there in the thick of it all by myself doing a LIVE shot for the news.  I love it because you can go at your own pace and you pull your own weight 100% of the way.  Lots of adrenaline. 
Thursday I enjoyed a relaxing day off by the pool in the morning.  Dawn had most of the day off, but when she had to do some scheduling for their real estate company, I went over to the garage to work on the Magnum a little.
Bike ran way cooler with the HPI and super excited to get the bike fully tuned.  Waiting on modified kick stand and idle jets.
I helped out a friend Thursday night with his fabrication company.  He needed a lot of help cutting hundreds of metal pieces for these awards he is making.  We were slamming coffee until after 1AM.
Friday was golf day in Granville so Dawn and I met another couple for an early lunch.  Dawn really liked Granville.  I as well.  Cute town.
Then we finished off the day with Party at the Park with the Columbus Clippers.  Good cheap fun.

Keeping an eye on the potential for severe storms late Wednesday... Before that... Well tomorrow will be warm with temps pushing up near 90° and the humidity will be climbing.  There is a very slight chance for a pop-up shower or storm in the afternoon, initiated by the heat, but most of Ohio will stay dry.  Monday and Tuesday there will be scattered showers and storms due to the heat and humidity, but Wednesday there is a strong system kicking out of the Plains and that will need to be monitored closely for the days a head.  Temps stay in the 80's all the way across the board through next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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