Saturday, May 10, 2014

Another fun week...

From global warming causing more pollen, to winter killing off 60-70% of the honeybees in Ohio, to the new FREE downtown CBus... fun week reporting.  I love doing stories when it is dry.  
I went golfing Thursday with a producer and one of his friends.  I shot a 99... Not too shabby.  I also added another ball into birdie retirement.  Every birdie I get I never use the ball again.
We had a great ride lead by Taylor on Thursday.  Even G Rashid came from Dayton. 
Can't wait for the pool to be open.  It looks like they are doing the final touches.  Can't wait!
We had practice for the ABC6 dragon boat races... I apparently didn't know the picture was being taken and I was in work mode.  HAHA!

Tomorrow looks to be GREAT for the races.  There will only be a slight chance for scattered showers or storms in the afternoon.  Temps will be warm as well as we get back to 80.  Back into the mid 80's Monday with the slight chance for pop-up showers or storms and then a cold front comes through late Tuesday into early Wednesday with a better chance for rain and then cooler later in the week.  Time for the show!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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