Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bike ride & mammatus clouds

I am pretty sure I mentioned that my brother is leaving for Ecuador for three months.  Well he is flying out Wednesday so I wanted to grab lunch with him so I rode my bike to meet him today.  A solid 15 miles and I burned off every calorie from Piada.  First time eating there.  My piada was small compared to other overstuffed ones at the other tables.  I will probably go back again... but as of right now... Chipolte takes the cake.
On the way to the station from dinner I noticed some mammatus clouds.  Not super impressive in numbers, but still pretty rare considering the conditions today.

So more scattered rain showers tomorrow... just pesky rain showers that do not want to leave.  It will be a bit cool on Monday as well.  Then finally some high pressure builds in Tuesday with mostly sunny skies. Wednesday morning a warm front will lift through and could fire off a few early showers... then we really warm up.  I am going with a high of 80 on Wednesday and then 85 on Thursday.  Storms return Friday and that will cool us off and bring more scattered rain showers for the weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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