Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moped update and first 90° day!

I finally got the Magnum running, but clutch would not engage and bike wouldn't idle.  So ordered new idle jets and called it a day to do some research.  So Jeff and I went out for lunch for Memorial Day.  Neither of us had family in town or knew anyone doing grill-outs so we got mexican for lunch... At least there was a patio.
I went back over today to work on the clutch.  I talked to Dan Kitchen at 1977 Mopeds and he said if you bottom out the new black bolts in the superclutch that it will not engage because it is too tight.  So I backed them all out, new red loctite, and put them back in a little before bottoming out.  Hope that works.  I REALLY like how the superclutch is performing in my Maxi with the Polini and MLM pipe. 
This evening has been one of a lot of radar babysitting.  Only two flood advisories so far.  No severe storms.  
And since we didn't get any rain at Port Columbus Airport it got pretty steamy today.
We warmed up to 90° for the first time this year.  We normally only get 18 days of 90°+ weather.  So we are already on a good trend to have a warmer than average summer.  Especially considering that the average first 90° day is the middle of June.  The scattered showers and storms are primarily triggered from the heating of the day so once the sun sets then we will see things quiet down some overnight.  Them they pop back up tomorrow afternoon.  And then finally Thursday morning they start pushing down to Southern Ohio and then we dry out through the weekend.  Temps will stay warm with highs of 80° or better for the entire seven day forecast. Rain returns early next week. Today was just a preview of a fun summer ahead!  Have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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