Friday, November 23, 2012

What a change!

Just in case the bitterly cold temperatures that arrived today got you thinking about Florida... it isn't much better down there.  My parents and sister said it is super windy and the water is coming up nearly all the way to the walls along the beach in Daytona.  My sister did like her new gift.  Our mother is not a huge fan of early Christmas presents, but my sister had a camera nearly ten years old and was in desperate need of a new camera.  Dawn and I decided to send it down to Florida with my brother so she could capture the memories is MUCH better clarity.
Not sure if I ever remember the water so high.  That's my sister.
Dawn and I went out Black Friday shopping today...around noon.  We ended up buying a lot of stuff online with free shipping instead because the lines were insane at the registers.  We did each pick up a new pair of shoes.  I have had the same running shoes since college so I figured it was time to get some better support.
Coming into work I noticed a few flurries and some of the lake effect prone areas will see a little more but a few flurries will continue for the overnight hours.  I guess it was more like sleet than flurries for the most part of what I saw this evening.

Cold air returns to Central Ohio.  Blustery and cold for much of the weekend with wind chills below freezing.  If you are heading out for any shopping of heading to the Ohio State game you will need to bundle up.  We will see a mix of clear skies and clouds through the weekend and other than a stray flurry we will stay dry.  Another system approaches us for Tuesday and our temperatures will be right on the line between seeing snow or rain so it will need to be monitored closely over the coming days.  Right now I am calling for a wintry mix for Tuesday, but if we warm a few more degrees it would fall as rain.  After that then we dry out for the rest of the week.  Stay warm and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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