Thursday, November 22, 2012

First Thanksgiving Dinner & Important Forecasts

Hard to believe the gorgeous weather we have seen the last couple days. Almost was like a dream, but then again, it is Ohio in November... the cold air will be returning very soon.
 Here is another shot from my LIVE shot last night.  I was doing a story on the 10 million dollar donation the Ohio State Athletic Department got for a new arena since St. John has seen better days and in need of over 30 million dollars for renovations.
 I had Monday and Tuesday off this week so that way I could work in the weather center for Thanksgiving and Black Friday since Bob requested them off.  I worked on my forecast verification sheet.  I now will be able to grade my forecasts for their accuracy.  Took quite some time for the ten sheets of data.
I also wrapped my first gift of the season.  It is an early Christmas gift for my sister.  She is on vacation with my family and I thought of gift she has needed for a long time and I gave it to my brother to take when he flew down to Daytona to meet them.
Speaking of my family.  I got my sister to figure out the video chat on their new computer.  It was pretty sweet to be able to see my family on Thanksgiving... and of course Dawn and I got jealous when she took the computer on their balcony to see the waves crashing.
Dawn and I made our first Thanksgiving dinner together today.  We invited some others, but turns out everyone had work or other family plans... which means more food for us.  Muhuahahaha!  Seriously though, we are both thankful to have loving family, friends, and great health.  I think we did a pretty fantastic job making the dinner and will enjoy the left overs for the days to come. (I think the leftovers are the best part)

Mild with increasing clouds this evening.  We will see rain arrive just before daybreak tomorrow and should be done and out of here by noon, so morning shoppers will deal with some light on and off rain showers.  The high temperature tomorrow will be in the morning so falling temps for the afternoon and windy as well.  Saturday is looking downright blustery for the OSU football game.  With only an afternoon high in the mid 30's and strong winds, the wind chill will be below freezing the entire game, BUT it should be dry.  Staying dry and a little warmer on Sunday with a high in the lower 40's, then more rain returns late Monday into Tuesday bringing in more cold air.

Andrew Buck Michael

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