Saturday, November 17, 2012

And it starts RIGHT NOW

Ohio State just finished off their eleventh course of a twelve course meal and that means that BEAT MICHIGAN WEEK starts NOW!  If you see me wearing any yellow with any blue, please call me out this week.  It is a magical week on campus and there is a little extra electric flowing through the veins of the students.  GREAT feeling.  I am planning on wearing red every day...
In my last entry I mentioned I had some big plans on Friday.  I went up to Cleveland to hang out with the Black Pipes moped group.  They were not getting together until 5PM, but I wanted to ride around the city a little before it got dark so I got there and did just that.  I got a few photos around downtown including Cleveland Browns Stadium.  I also met Dawn's mother after work briefly before riding to meet up with everyone else.  It was a pretty chill evening wrenching to get a couple of bikes worthy for the ride and the fifty minute freezing ride was pretty sweet.  My bike acted a little funny on turns and I found out that my front fender was rubbing the tire so it didn't want to make right hand turns very well... easily fixable.  Anyway, good times and then I drove back to Columbus last night after hanging out.
I woke up early this morning to head back to Dayton to watch Danny Zupan, Dawn's cousin, run in the Mid-East Cross Country Championships with the best runners from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and that M state up north.  It was crazy to see so many stellar runners that will be going on to big schools.  We also got to see her other cousin run in her first 5k race at Welcome Stadium.  After working up an appetite watching them run, we met Chris Mulcahy and his girl friend for lunch at Sammy's in Springboro... GREAT burgers.

The beautiful weather continues!  The sunshine will be sticking around as our temperatures continue to warm each day.  Sunday we will warm back into the upper 50's after a chilly start in the lower 30's.  A few clouds start to work their way into Central Ohio as we start the workweek, but sun will still be the dominant weather player.  There are a couple of very weak disturbances by the end of the week, but so far not impressive to cancel any outdoor plans.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Hi,

    This is my second attempt to comment using a very iffy connection out here in Port Canaveral.

    Anyway, before it disappeared, I had typed:

    Go Bucks! We enjoy seeing OSU sportswear here and always say hi. It's fun to chat with friends from home.

    Greetings from overcast Port Canaveral,
    Lois :)

  2. Replies
    1. That is the ONLY thing I can figure. Unless the tire was just too low. Thursday was my first day off since the ride so I haven't had a chance to double check it since then and it is a couple miles away at my garage. When I got home the rear axle seemed fine, the front was fine too, just the fender was whopper-jawed and rubbing the front Gazelle. Thank goodness for hard rubber tires.


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