Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas tree, #TeamWeekend, Rain coming

After a day of resting Thursday I got productive yesterday and put up the Christmas tree... I know it is much later than my old habit of Octotber 1st, but better "late" than never.  Dawn went home for her cousin's birthday party and I invited a few co-workers over.
We always use the hashtag #TeamWeekend since we are the news soldiers that they entrust to run the ship when the bosses normally are not around.  There is always something about the weekend crew that has a strong bond.  We had fun joking around and playing some old school Mario Brothers.  None of us are gamers and it was rather pathetic how bad we were at the first generation of Nintendo.

I feel a little guilty for staying inside today watching GoodFellas so I am planning on a long day tomorrow.  Our low tonight will only be in the upper 40's so I am going to wake up early and ride my moped to watch the sunrise.  I was tipped off on a pretty sweet place to watch the sunrise so I hope to have a photo or two tomorrow.  Just excited to get out for a little zen time and enjoy the great weather on tap for tomorrow.

So another beautiful day for Sunday.  Temperatures will remain about fifteen degrees warmer than our averages for this time of year so try to enjoy it!  We will see plenty of sun with a few afternoon clouds and a bit breezy as well.  Rain returns Monday morning and this will bring in much cooler temperatures.  Our highs will go from 72 Sunday, to 58 Monday, and down to the mid 40`s for highs for the middle of the week.  Our low temperatures will be below freezing for the middle of the week as well so keep the coats handy.  After the rain on Monday we look to return to another dry pattern for the rest of the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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