Saturday, November 24, 2012

OSU wins & snow changes

The studio took a step into the holidays over the last twenty four hours.  I think there may be a little more added in the days to come, but still a nice spirit in the weather center.
I had to put on about five layers of clothing before heading down to the Horseshoe today.  I had a lot of fun visiting friends and stopping by The Football Fever live shot. 
There was even a little flurry activity today, which was even more fitting for the final football game for the season.  The game was a little scary at times, but after that interception the place went crazy and it stayed crazy for quite a while after the game, but Dawn and I had to run home to get ready for her parents visiting.

Clouds sticking around with the cold temperatures.  A little more sun heading into the start of the workweek as temperatures begin to warm.  A disturbance Tuesday looks to bring a little snow to the area, but the models are starting to agree that the Southern part of Ohio has the best chances to see a light snow and the Northern half of Ohio stay mainly dry.  Any slight changes in direction will affect which part of Ohio will see any of the wintry weather so check back for more updates.  We stay cool for the rest of the week and another chance for rain heading into next weekend.

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Go Bucks! I am SURE our encouragement from out here on the high seas helped with the win. ;)

    BTW, it's warm down here, but football can still be watched.


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