Thursday, April 7, 2011

Warm, Wet Weather Ahead

Nice afternoon with plenty of sunshine, but the clouds rolled in pretty quickly. I got the new moped running and it inspired me to ride my Sebring into work this afternoon. It rode awesome until I got about a mile from home during my dinner break. I think there is something clogging the fuel line that is very, very old. It had bright spark, compression, but not a lot of fuel. Dawn made dinner and it was already ready so I called her to come pick me and the bike up. I could have tried pedaling or walking the bike home, but I knew she was hungry and that would only delay dinner longer. I will have to take a look at it in the coming days....good thing I have others.

Showers are already rolling into the area and they will continue on and off overnight with a few rumbles of thunder possible towards daybreak. The showers and storms will become more scattered as the day progresses and we could even see a few scattered showers and storm Saturday, but less likely. We will get into the mid 70's for Saturday and possibly into the low 80's for Sunday if we see enough sunshine. More storms will roll into the area late Sunday night and through the day on Monday with highs back in the mid 60's for the middle of next week. Enjoy the warm temps and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Glad Dawn could get you and the bike. And also like the weather forecast. Sounds better than cold, cold and damp.

  2. Glad Dawn was at home. Although a mile isn't too bad, but pushing a moped might have been hard to do even for a mile. Raining here this morning, at least when i looked out everything looks wet. Have to have Abe to Sam north by 8:30. Seems I've been there a lot this week, with Abe on Tuesday to see his heart doctor, with one of the daughters on Wed. for her MRI and now today with Abe for his ultra sound. But it's easier then running into Good Sam, like we use to have to do. Take care, saw you last evening on the weather.


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