Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Severe Weather Likely Tonight

I really should be in bed. I had 50 minutes of sleep two nights ago and only 3 hours last night.... And however long I get to sleep before 4PM today (Max 2.5 hours) is all I am going to get tonight. However, it would be a huge disservice by not writing a quick entry. Tonight we have a very good set up for severe weather. This does include the chance for isolated tornadoes. Right now the Severe Prediction Center of the National Weather Service has most of the Miami Valley in a Moderate Chance for severe weather. The worst part of this will be the timing. These storms will likely arrive to Ohio around or shortly after midnight, while everyone is asleep. They will plow eastward and be out of near by sunrise tomorrow. The main threat looks to be straight line winds and large hail, however as I mentioned before, there will be the chance for tornadic cells as well. The low pressure looks to track just to the north which will allow directional wind shear.... varying directions of the wind throughout a column in the atmosphere. This is a very important for ingredient for the formation of tornadic supercells. Like I said, I will be up chasing these storms getting video of them and then reporting in the morning on the morning show. I need to head to bed now because my 13 year old sister gave me Reds tickets, and I will be darned if I can't use them. So time for bed, Reds game, storm chasing, then reporting... then back to bed again. Feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter as I will be updating throughout the overnight. I also HIGHLY recommend getting a NOAA weather radio and using it tonight. Night time storms are much more deadly because people do not seek shelter like they should. Be safe and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. I'm a white sox fan myself
    I think I will get one of those radios
    ..good advice

  2. We got a storm radio or one of those that makes a continuous announcement from the National Weather Service for rest of the day. I just set mine on the desk. Saturday night showers and thunderstorms...

  3. Good idea Suz.

    Great work Abe. You should be able to set an alarm on there so that way it will stay quiet until a warning is issued and it will wake you up if storms roll through in the middle of the night.

    I have mine in the car with me when I am storm chasing. It keeps me informed with the latest warnings as they are being issued. It is amazing how many people do not spend a little money on something that can save their lives.


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