Saturday, April 30, 2011

I hope you got out there and enjoyed it.

Spring in Ohio...75% rain...seems more like 90%. I have been on my moped as much as possible the last two days. Dawn and I bought her wedding band yesterday at James Free Jewelers...there was a HUGE sale going on. I then had lunch with her and her cousin's...I can't remember what the sandwich was called...pork, ham, melted cheese, mustard, pickles...all made in a panini press...delicious. I then went home and watched the final episode of The Office with Steve Carell, very sad. I then rode my moped to meet the Mayor of Dayton. I did a story with him about how he rides his scooter...and me on my moped. HUGE props to our chief photographer and producer for getting some awesome video of us riding together. Dawn and I went out to dinner last night and came home for a relaxing evening. I woke up early today and changed the brakes on my truck and then mowed the lawn. I took advantage of another beautiful day and rode my moped to work. It has been just such a nice couple of days yesterday and today that it is too hard to pass up.

More rain is on the way for Sunday, Monday, and early Tuesday. It looks like most of it will be scattered showers with a few rumbles of thunder. It will be off and on, so not a complete washout. Sunday will be mild with temps in the upper 60's but only the mid 50's for Monday and Tuesday. Sunshine will return for later Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.....before more rain. Hopefully we get to dry out have to be going crazy with the muddy fields. Keep the rain gear handy and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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